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Well Thank You Clint I've got great cancer from Murray Lampert design build remodel with us a longtime pro and also resident pro with the show and co-host now here's the thing we've been talking about how to get the most out of your remodel right this is one segment in a series that you've been doing right and this one is about permits correct and this week we had a fan question about if permits were required because she was getting mixed messages the fan some companies were saying no and some people were saying yes and I think that's a red flag because in most cases for us every project this year has a permit so there's very few projects that don't require a permit but there's two types of permits though well real quick what is a permit first just in case somebody doesn't a building permit so that the inspector is another set of eyes that comes out to inspect plumbing heating air structural those kind of things to make sure that the work is done properly it's safe and it's you know it's meets Building Code okay now you were gonna say there's two different types of permits right on the screen right now is one it's a simple permit where you can just get the permit actually online with the city of San Diego without even plans those that's for a simple bathroom or kitchen remodel where you're not changing walls you're not changing the building envelope it's not structural but there's plumbing heating air conditioning or HVAC work okay and then when is a permit required at that and if it's structural changes when you're adding space like a single story or a second story or you're making structural changes to the interior of the home or you're changing doors and windows on the building envelope if you're changing the roof structure those kind of things require a permit with plans and oftentimes structural engineering now one thing I will say is if a contractor tells you that a permits not required then I would be very skeptical ok we've only got about 20 seconds but but what's the risk if you don't use a permit you could get fined and also we'll in impact the resale of your home because you have to disclose that you've done work without a permit all right Greg Cantor Murray Lampert design build remodel this and you can get ahold of mate five five eight four Oh a pro that's eight five five eight four Oh a pro ask questions about permits you don't want to be left in the dark